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  3. 12-10-2020 11:55
Hi everyone and really hope your all doing well.

Must be over a year since I joined the board and put out my first posts. Naively I thought as an oldie who first went to the Brunt in 1964, I could express a few views and join in the conversation (or banter as you whipper snappers like to call it).

Remember my first posts been blowing out the water by a guy called Northern Soul who I think accused me of been on the board!!!
I stopped posting soon afterwards but kept viewing, and wow was the board so much more interesting back then.

It feels now like l’m talking to a couple of guys at the bar, ‘ what you think of the Virus then’ - ‘bloody market garden coming soon’.

I noticed a few moaning about the new format of the board, I think the troubles closer to home - the interesting guys and gals have sacked it off.
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Have to agree. In the old days I used the 606 board which was full of interesting characters. Healthy discussion, no vitriol, and anyone was free to voice their opinion. But now, if you dont agree with those who regard this board as their personal domain, then you are in for a hard time. So like many others i look, but dont participate. Pity realy.
  1. 12-10-2020 12:06
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I think it's a combination of a few factors that led to it being quieter, but if you think it was good (and people were willing to listen to each other) a year ago, it was far, far greater than that years earlier.

I suppose this kind of thing is always going to eb and flow with the club - when we're on an upward trajectory as a club, forums are far more likely to be busier and happier places to visit.

The biggest problem with this place now though is that people have fallen out of the habit of visiting it, much like people have fallen out of the habit of going to BP over the years. Since lockdown there's been very little football to talk about and now it's returned none of us can go and see it. Once the football stopped, the only things to talk about were Brexit and the virus and they are indeed divisive topics as you say.

Forum's like this are on the downturn anyway, as more and more people turn to Twitter to seek views on what they're interested in.

Shame, like.
  1. 12-10-2020 13:03
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There can be a bit of bullying if you don't have a thick skin and an obsession with a couple of non football subjects that belong on other forums and not on a football forum that is suppose to give us all something to focus on other than the lunacy and bad things that are happening in our crazy world right now.
Thankfully the team are showing signs of giving us all hope of something to lift our spirits.
  1. 12-10-2020 13:11
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Must be some sensitive souls if they think they are being bullied on here!
My main team is one of the most hated, and I can't recall any below the line comments.
  1. 12-10-2020 13:39
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When I come on and click on a thread, it always takes me to the last post! Have to trawl back to where I last viewed. Not sure why, but put off enough not to bother with it.
  1. 12-10-2020 13:40
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Site Admin
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My main team is one of the most hated, and I can't recall any below the line comments.

**** *** *** ***** ***** ****

  1. 12-10-2020 13:43
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The new layout was a little clunky to begin with, however site admin. listened and soon got on top of things and it seems to work fine now.
My only current gripe is the length of time it takes to accept a response - I can go away and make a cup of tea, come back and I still have a no entry sign there.

I have to agree that it is a shame that the message board seems to have lost quite a lot of its former regular contributors.
  1. 12-10-2020 13:57
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I just got sick of the over the top comments of a few posters who wouldn't speak to folk like that in the street..eg the stick Mellish was getting at start of season
I like the off topic stuff just not the political stuff not everything needs to be football related

Here's hoping for a few more wins in next few weeks and the excitement and banter may return
  1. 12-10-2020 14:19
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I remember a few on thIs board back in the day who seemed to get on their high horse when I first inferred that I wasn’t all that fussed about the CUFC board or the back lane or all the other points that seemed to get everyone up to high dough.

All I was ever interested in was a pint in the Bee Hive pre-match, a good crack with my mates in the paddock and maybe a wander down Botchergate later on.

What would we give for that now!!
  1. 12-10-2020 15:01
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The ‘old’ boards were a good crack. Good threads – agreements and disagreements – but also covered so many topics and not just CUFC. I myself have used the board for advice (and as I don’t post anymore cos I just can’t get my head around this new look – yes, yes I know this is a post) thanks Bumble for the advice over a laptop for the wife’s photos – she loves it.

People from other clubs used to come on because it was better than theirs. QuakerZ and Bletchley-something (MK Dons fan) are two that spring out. They had something to say and joined in. Then it was taken over by the ‘few’ who just absolutely slated you if you had a different opinion, or didn’t believe in their quest to destroy individuals involved in running the club.

This new board was set up and everyone seemed thankful that we could go back to basics, but then some started to turn into absolutely slating you if you had a different opinion …….

I know morlad has had tough times but I always found his posts concise or ‘neutralising’ and enjoyed reading them to give me hope in my club! The latest well balanced poster that I have enjoyed reading is newcarlislefan (as I’m dyslexic I always miss-read that) but he seems to have drifted.

i did enjoy the joke threads and the Bewers.

So Tommy, don’t go just keep in touch …..
  1. 12-10-2020 18:10
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You think this message board can get a bit tasty? I remember the first message board that was done by email - back in the days of FGB and the protest march around the ground. That certainly had its moments...

You've just got to rise above it and ignore the WUMs.
  1. 12-10-2020 18:28
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I love ‘tasty’, but there is a difference between tasty and just jump straight in with abuse. All the **** you! You need ***** etc etc. FGB and his ghastly son did focus everyone.

Ok on a match day against opposition supporters you can go in hard from the off but aren’t we all Carlisle United fans?

As things were better in the old days I’ll just say I have really been enjoying The Big Match from the 70’s. I wasn’t a major fan of Brian Moore but I realise how much I miss listening to the likes of him .. brilliant – particularly when he reads out peoples’ letters. Could teach the present commentators a thing or two and as for4 the modern players … just couldn’t handle it!
  1. 12-10-2020 18:42
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In real life , your average punter who goes to the game, goes to fill their time, as a hobby, to see their mates, to get out the house for a bit, to relax and spend some time taking their mind of the other things going on in their life.
It's a pretty daft thing to do with your Ssturday, but that's what some of us enjoy doing.
Inevitably your typical supporter is a football geek, a dysfunctional type, some who doesnt take the whole thing that seriously but sees it as a bit of fun.
Crowds reduce when doing badly because the game hold less appeal and other things take priority.
Most people who go to the game are not finance experts, or experienced in running businesses, they just want to see their team doing well.
In real life, people are generally kinder than via other media.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion but ideally the online world would be more representative of this.
  1. 12-10-2020 19:37
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Perhaps it is time the worm turned, recently I have come on here just to read the crack but have found the same old, same old spouting the usual bile and bullshit,shouting down anyone with an alternative opinion.

As recently as two weeks ago it was all about how shit our team were, the defence the worst ever, Mellish slaughtered by those who know better, Beech not worthy of the job.

The more discerning fan might think,give the team a chance, dissjointed pre season due to Covid, a few unwelcome injuries ( although that is down to the training according to some ),a new set of players, give them 10 games to gel as a team and get their fitness, then make a judgement.

But Noooh, sugest that and you will be shot down in flames.

I am the first to admit I enjoy a bit of a wind up, perhaps Covid has mellowed me, but I refuse to be intimidated by those who think they have sole ownership of the board because they appear to be on here 24-7.

My message to them is get a life, or more importantly get behind the club.
  1. 12-10-2020 21:12
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Although some poster are a bit much sometimes the only reason I don't visit or post anymore is the new format.
  1. 13-10-2020 18:50
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Interesting. I think I've just kind of got out of the habit of visiting. I try to post but not interested in getting involved in the corona virus thread having not read the previous 30000 messages!

I tend to go on twitter and Facebook more for cufc info.

Maybe everyone needs to make more effort to keep the board going and being more positive!
  1. 14-10-2020 20:48
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Has anyone heard from Munchy? Is he ok?

Northernsoul complained about the new format, I don’t miss some of his posts but I would have liked to read his thoughts on the PL proposal.

Unless he’s been banned?
  1. 15-10-2020 11:09
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Whatever happened to the message board
oh what happened to you
whatever happened to me?
what became of the people we used to be ?

It's still a bit broke, adding a response to any thread bigger than 2 pages and you need to wait 60 seconds for the page to become responsive again.

Imagine how much more me and mullen might meaningfully mull on the coronavirus thread without it!

The search isn't great either, it lists all the posts with the search term but won't take you to the right page when you click the result.
  1. 15-10-2020 13:29
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