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  3. 17-10-2020 17:04
A bloody good game and excellent shows by several players

Farman 8
Tanner 7.5
Hayden 8.5
McDonald 7 (if he could only distribute the ball better)
Anderton 8
Guy 8.5 (MoM)
Mellish 8.5
Riley 7.5
Kayode 7.5
Alessandra 8
Toure 7.5
Reilly 7
Malley -
Furman -
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Farman 7 - looking more confident for us
Tanner 7 - decent
Hayden 8 - will play higher than league 2 a decent performance
McDonald 6 - poor but best performance for us
Anderton 8 - decent game
Guy 8.5 - best game for us excellent today
Mellish 8.5 - we need to slag him off again to get him up to a 10, Devitt who? Great performance again
Riley 7.5 - decent
Kayode 7.5 - I like him, solid game
Alessandra 8.4 one of his better games for us
Toure 6 - didn’t click today but not a bad game,
Reilly 7
Malley -

Overall we were very good, I’m not able to call one player shite. If we keep playing like that we could be top 7.
Furman -
  1. 17-10-2020 17:12
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arman 8 steady good distribution as ever
Tanner 8 much better
Hayden 8.5 great performance all round
McDonald 6 needs more confidence
Anderton 8 captains performance
Guy 8.5 Growing into his own every game
Mellish 8.5 All over the park credit to Beech for sticking with him.
Riley 8 solid
Kayode 5 gave the ball away to easily and cant shoot for toffee
Alessandra 8.5 improves every game. Always in amongst it.
Toure 7 Not his usual self
Reilly 7
Malley 7
Furman 7

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Farman not at lot to do but conceded 2. Neither were his fault - 7
Tanner solid performance - 7
Macdonald improving, good communication - 7
Hayden should be captain - 8
Anderton solid - u
Guy excellent - 8
Mellish - from lucky to get in the side to a key player. Endless work, another goal - 9
Joe Reily - another showing huge improvement - 7
Alesandro - goal and some key moments - 8
Toure - people go on about resigning DEvitt but even on an average day he's too good for this league, and a pure entertainer - 8
Kayode - quieter game for me but worked hard - 8

Gavin Reilly - special mention as he was very unlucky not to start - 7

Beech - 9. 3 games ago there were some talking about him being a couple of games away from losing his job, absolute rubbish. Has an eye for a player, sees things most of us fans don't, gets that extra 10% out of players. Has something as a manager I've not seen at Carlisle in 30+ years, I rate him that highly.

Great performance, deservedly two up, got pegged back to 2-2 but really pushed for the win especially in 70 to 80 mins.our biggest strength is that we are a team. Best performance in a long while
  1. 17-10-2020 17:18
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Ungraded is a bit harsh on Anderton isnt it? ;)
  1. 17-10-2020 17:30
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Farman 6. Unlike some I’m still not convinced. He palms a lot of shots away and doesn’t really command his six yard box

Anderton 7. Solid

MacDonald 7. His best game but distribution still poor

Hayden 9. Plays like a captain. His tackle at the end to save the win sums him up. We’ll be lucky to keep hold of him if he keeps improving at this rate

Tanner 7. Defended solidly enough but linked much of the play down his side as well today, which we’ve not seen so far

Riley 8. Growing into the team, looks a real find

Mellish 8. All action performance. Great energy and took his goal well

Guy 8. Faded slightly in second half, but tackled anything that moved in the first. Finally the player we hoped we’d signed

Toure 7. A quiet game by his standards. Looked a bit casual at times. Hope he’s not starting to believe his own hype

Alessandra 9. A classier footballer you will not see at this level. Linked the play brilliantly and kept the team ticking

Kayode 8. Worked tirelessly despite little coming off for him today. Wish he could find a way to make his long throw-ins a bit flatter - none of them particularly troubled the Colchester defence today
  1. 17-10-2020 17:31
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Downgrading MacDonald to 6 for the handball that led to the penalty
  1. 18-10-2020 17:30
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