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  3. 01-08-2020 16:32
We will be attending a virtual CUSG Meeting on Mon 3rd Aug.

This is intended to be more of a ‘catch up’ then a regular Meeting so we won’t be taking the usual Questions to it.

Once proper Meetings start up again, we will take any Questions that Users want us to in the normal fashion.

We will provide an update post-Meeting on this Thread,


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No questions, not that you’re taking any, but a well done to the club on their social media during the crisis, I criticise a lot of things I feel they do wrong but during the crisis, it’s only right I praise, they have publicised important numbers, kept us informed a lot of what’s going on and the thoughts behind some decisions, mainly the fans being treat like human beings.

Also the trust for their weekly quizzes, try weekly briefings are still bizarre and don’t say much and for trying to finally fundraise (even if I don’t agree with the destination)

More of the same commitment please, explain and treat the fans as people they will support.
  1. 01-08-2020 17:06
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we won’t be taking the usual Questions to it.


I agree with what Mullen says about keeping people informed. People will like that they are being kept in the loop, even if they don't agree or like the decisions being made.
  1. 01-08-2020 20:03
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When is the update being posted?
  1. 05-08-2020 13:48
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At the weekend I think...
  1. 05-08-2020 13:52
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It should have been set to auto publish!
  1. 05-08-2020 14:03
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