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  3. 24-06-2020 11:18
According to the Fylde Chairman before he signed his new deal:
  1. https://nonleaguedaily.com/afc-fyldes-philliskirk-had-carlisle-offer/
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At least it was described as a good offer.
  1. 24-06-2020 12:22
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A positive is that it was a good offer for a decent league 2 player, national league way below his level. Probably didn’t fancy the commute up here. A negative is that that’s one target already missed out on. At least we have the money to offer to players
  1. 24-06-2020 12:44
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Good to see we're offering contracts now, it's going to be crazy once the start of the season is announced.
  1. 24-06-2020 14:40
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His father wasn't a bad player. I remember him playing a few times for us in the 90s.
  1. 24-06-2020 17:04
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